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Journey 2 Worthy Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Do you know your purpose? Do you know your 'WHY?' Not sure? In this episode Jeremy shares his quest for purpose, and how his life purpose statement shapes his every decision on his life journey. With powerful questions, and a coaching exercise, you can learn how to align with your future by creating a mission statement...

Nov 6, 2019

It's time to shut down the Inner Critic or Saboteur that holds you back from your fullest potential! Tune in as Jeremy shares how you can  ditch self-doubt and take back control of your subconscious with tools to quiet the voice in your head that tells you 'You aren't Good Enough!'

Learn what the Saboteur is, Why it...

Oct 30, 2019

Need Answers in your life? Looking to gain confidence, be more courageous, find clarity and purpose, gain connection to yourself or your tribe? To get the answers, you need to ask the right questions.

Jeremy shares his renewed passion for the Journey2Worthy podcast, openly speaking of his career crisis, longing for...

Oct 24, 2019

Journey 2 Worthy is back with some new material, and juicy content coming your way. Check out this Teaser to get an idea of what's coming your way with Season 3. Let's have a conversation, and help you create a life you love! 

Nov 26, 2018

MEET KYLE SHEA: Vegan, Heterosexual, Adventure Seeker who shares his journey from Positive Psychologist to his current dream pursuing a career as a Wellness Coach!

Kyle gets vulnerable about his insecurities, aspirations, and compassion for people in his community. Join us as we touch on the Art of Coaching, Perfection...